Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Light Boards Are Awesome!

So the teacher in me has been coming out lately.....ALOT!  I went up in the attic and got out some of my manipulatives and overhead stuff (since I think that it will be obsolete when I finally do go back to teacher).

Pinterest introduced me to this fabulous blog Play At Home Mom.  I would love to take credit for some of these ideas, but she is good!!  So, I bought a light board, an LED one that doesn't get hot, and Safi and I have been playing around with it.......

So, Safi looks at the fraction circles like they are a puzzle.  She could easily put them back together all the way up to 1/8 pieces the first time that I got them out.

 Playing with pattern block and colored circles.

This was the first time that I had out these manipulatives, I think that if we continue to play with them on the board and just on the table she will be able to come up with some really interesting things.

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