Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bottles Gone Awry!

I have been collecting bottles, plastic bottles of all different shapes and sizes.  Safi has a shampoo bottle that she likes to play with in the bathtub more than the other toys she has in there.  So I thought that it might be interesting to see what she would do with a collection of them.

Safi explored and poured all of the water out of them..... 

 This is going too slow..... time to take the lid off!

Then she filled them all back up.....

Next Safi wanted to make the water blue, so we added a few color tabs from her bathroom.....

Safi wanted to make Green.......What makes Green?  Lellow and Blue, Momma!!  Then it was all over, Safi climbed in to mix the colors.

 Well, once you are standing in it, you might as well sit down!

She continued to explore, Safi just chose to do it inside the tub of water!

That's my girl!!  Gotta do it her way :)

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