Monday, August 1, 2011

Mini Vaca at Pops and SueSue's

Safia and I hoped in the car after school on Thursday and headed to Pops and SueSue's house for a little mini vacation this weekend.  Chris had to work so we headed out :)

Because the temperature is STILL in the triple digits and shows no signs of dropping we spent ALOT of time in the water.  We were also lucky to have a surprise visitor......Aunt Mad!!!!!  She has been a counselorette at Camp Mystic this summer and had the afternoon off on Friday so she spent some time with us :)  I'm not sure who was more happy to see the other Aunt Mad or Safi.  It brings a little tear to my eye to see my two little girls together.

I think the best part of the trip was seeing Pops and Safi curled up together in the chair watching cartoons, the two of them stayed there for a good hour, in heaven.  I believe the term is wrapped ;)

Thanks for the hospitality and all the memories Pops and SueSue!!!

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