Friday, August 19, 2011

Do You Throw Balls?

This had to have been one of the best birthdays ever.  Safi slept til almost 9:00am (no I did not drug her!), we had breakfast and then I got to spend the day with Chris doing whatever we wanted, just two adults,  all because my other sweet little girl came to town to stay with Safi.

I can not believe that baby Madelyn is old enough babysit my child.  It is hard to believe that Madelyn and Frank are now the same age that I was when they were born.  My sweet little babies are all grown up, and now it is their turn.

Chris and I went and had a little lunch, we went shopping, had dinner, and then decided that we missed the girls.  So we texted them and told them to get some socks and shoes we were coming to pick them up.

We got everyone loaded up and headed back out,  to go throw balls :)  I think Aunt Mad was a little worried until we explained what throwing balls actually was..........

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