Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The 3 Year Old is Well

So Safi and I went in to the Doctor for her 3 year old well check today.  I have been talking to her about going to the doctor's office and she has gone with me, Safi also got a doctor kit for her birthday so she has been doctoring everything she can get her hands on (Doodle runs really fast and Isabel is REALLY patient).

Safi took her shoes off and walked right up to the scale and got on, no fuss and stood tall to be measured, just like we have been practicing at home.

35 pounds
37 1/4 inches

She was very proud of her self :)  Then it was time to head back to the exam room, no cryin'.  Safi sat up on the table and let the nurse take her blood pressure and listen to her heart beat (Safi held her breath), still no fussing.  The nurse handed me a gown for Safi to put on and then left the room.

I got "the look,"  Dress on Momma!  After some discussion we, Safi, settled on naked for the visit with the doctor.  If naked is good enough for the backyard I guess it is going to have to be good enough for the doctor's office.  All went well with the visit with the doctor, Dr. Mitchell was a little hesitant to believe that Safi eats the fruits and veggies that she does, but if you know my child......a french fry is not a veggie in her book ;)

Then it was time for the shots.  Safi needed 3 in order to be caught up on all of her shots :(  This has always been her least favorite part of the visit, although I can't imagine it being any one's highlight!!  I love Dr. Mitchell's nurse though she comes in totally prepared and ready to take on my little linebacker.  Although she did make a comment this time, "I think she has gotten stronger!"  She had stuck Safi all 3 times before I even knew what was going on. AWESOME!!  There were tears, but that was it!!  First doctor's visit without the need to call the cleaning crew :)

Flu season is just around the corner, anyone want to go with me to get her flu shot?

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  1. Last year Ella got the nasal mist, because her office didn't have the shot in yet. She wasn't a huge fan of the mist either, but I'm thinking I might go that route again this year.