Monday, July 18, 2011

Train Ride, Lunch with Daddy, Museum, New Friends......Busy Day!!

Today we took the train downtown with our new friends the Sites'.  Andy and Chris work together, only this time, not only do they work for the same company but they work in the same building :)  And Andy and his wife Anna have two kids, the oldest is 3, how awesome is that?

So the Moms took the kids on the train to meet the Daddies for lunch.  After an interesting (and entertaining I'm sure for the tables around us) meal at PF Chang's, the Daddies headed back to the ole grind stone and the Mommys and kids headed off for some fun at the Children's Museum.

The girls (Mila and Safi) had a great time, they were able to hangout and do their thing together and River was able to hangout in the toddler area and do his thing.  Anna and I didn't get to hangout too much, but......oh well.

All the kids had a great time after a quick stop at Starbuck's we headed to the station and made the 4:20 train to head back up toward our houses.  It was a long fun filled day :)  I hope we get to do it again soon!!!

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