Monday, July 25, 2011

New Sparkle Shoes

Safi has been lusting after "Sparkle Shoes" (the tennis shoes that have lights on them and sparkles), I have been cringing at the price since her foot has been growing so fast.  Well, after seeing that a certain someone has a few pairs of them (Thanks alot Anna!), I was told in not so many words that I was being stingy to get her some.  So Safi and I went shopping, we got 2 pairs :)


  1. Ella and Daddy went to the mall a couple weeks ago and came home with a pair of these. I believe it's the first pair of shoes he has procured for her...and I can barely squeeze her feet in them. No doubt they won't still fit when school starts. And he wouldn't tell me how much they cost. So now she has expensive shoes that will only fit for a few weeks. Oy.

  2. Trust me you don't want to know how much they cost;) I bought them big so hopefully they will last a few months. Little girls and their daddys, how they have them wrapped around their fingers!!!