Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Ladybug Turns 3!!

A year has passed by so quickly, it seems like just yesterday I was scurrying around trying to get things together for an adorable, scared little girl and now for the last 27 days we have been counting down to "cupcakes."

Bugs, not just ladybugs we had to have bugs of all shape and size.  And what do you do at a birthday party in the middle of July in Texas? You play in the water of course!!!  We pulled it all out, there were bugs hidden in the sandbox to be put in the bug jars that were part of the party favors, the slip n slide was a hit, the big pool had the slide in it and let's just say every kid needed a good bath after getting out of that pool at the end of the party.  The whale pool was a hit with the shorter crew, and the ginormous blow up ball kept the big kids wanting more.

There was plenty of food and cold drinks to go around.  Most of the grandparents made it into town and were a great help.  And of course a birthday wouldn't be the same without Uncle Frank :)

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