Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea Party

Safi has really gotten into pretend play.  She is doing more and more of it everyday.  Sometimes it can get a little scary because it will get a little too quiet in the house and I will find her back in her room playing with her dollhouse in her closet or she is setting up tea for some of her "friends."

This afternoon we went all out.  I moved her table into her room so that it would be close to her kitchen so she could cook her friends food.  I set out food on the table in the living room so she could go "grocery shopping" and we had all kinds of fun.

Monkeys make great friends for tea parties!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

New Sparkle Shoes

Safi has been lusting after "Sparkle Shoes" (the tennis shoes that have lights on them and sparkles), I have been cringing at the price since her foot has been growing so fast.  Well, after seeing that a certain someone has a few pairs of them (Thanks alot Anna!), I was told in not so many words that I was being stingy to get her some.  So Safi and I went shopping, we got 2 pairs :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bathtime Fun

Safi received some tablets that turn the bath water different colors for her birthday (Thanks MiMi!).  The first night was not the best experience, Safi screamed the first half of the bath, after that all was well and she started having fun :)

So bathtime has turned into an art lesson, we start with primary colors and make secondary colors.  I can say that Safi is already pretty good and knows what two colors make.  A while back I found a book called Mouse Paint in which the mice make secondary colors out of the primary colors.  Safi loves the book so I think that the lesson has stuck!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dancing with Daddy

Tonight we met up with our friends the Sites' again :)

On Friday nights there is free live music on the steps of the Bob Bullock Museum during the month of July.  We tagged along with the Sites family and fun was had by all :)

The kids all had fun dancing and Safi had a blast dancing with Daddy.  Truly a site to remember.....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Train Ride, Lunch with Daddy, Museum, New Friends......Busy Day!!

Today we took the train downtown with our new friends the Sites'.  Andy and Chris work together, only this time, not only do they work for the same company but they work in the same building :)  And Andy and his wife Anna have two kids, the oldest is 3, how awesome is that?

So the Moms took the kids on the train to meet the Daddies for lunch.  After an interesting (and entertaining I'm sure for the tables around us) meal at PF Chang's, the Daddies headed back to the ole grind stone and the Mommys and kids headed off for some fun at the Children's Museum.

The girls (Mila and Safi) had a great time, they were able to hangout and do their thing together and River was able to hangout in the toddler area and do his thing.  Anna and I didn't get to hangout too much, but......oh well.

All the kids had a great time after a quick stop at Starbuck's we headed to the station and made the 4:20 train to head back up toward our houses.  It was a long fun filled day :)  I hope we get to do it again soon!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Ladybug Turns 3!!

A year has passed by so quickly, it seems like just yesterday I was scurrying around trying to get things together for an adorable, scared little girl and now for the last 27 days we have been counting down to "cupcakes."

Bugs, not just ladybugs we had to have bugs of all shape and size.  And what do you do at a birthday party in the middle of July in Texas? You play in the water of course!!!  We pulled it all out, there were bugs hidden in the sandbox to be put in the bug jars that were part of the party favors, the slip n slide was a hit, the big pool had the slide in it and let's just say every kid needed a good bath after getting out of that pool at the end of the party.  The whale pool was a hit with the shorter crew, and the ginormous blow up ball kept the big kids wanting more.

There was plenty of food and cold drinks to go around.  Most of the grandparents made it into town and were a great help.  And of course a birthday wouldn't be the same without Uncle Frank :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swimming with Jules

We went to a new pool with the girls today and they had a blast!!! Played on the frog slide, went around the lazy river, a girl has to stay cool in this heat!