Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today we woke got up early frantic, but with a sort of game plan.  Frank was going to class, and Chris and I were going shopping as fast as we could to get some necessities because as soon as we got "the call" there was an important pick up to be made.

It all started the afternoon before, when I missed the call from our adoption agency because I was in the bathroom (insert eye roll) so they called Chris then immediately called me back.  They had a 23 month old in need of an immediate foster placement that could potentially turn into an adoption.  She kept stressing that it was a two week trial, I heard this but not really.  I was a mess for the rest of the day.

We were waiting on the state to issue us our license number so that we could legally be foster parents, all of the paperwork was done and filed, now it was a waiting game, just SIGN AND FILE THE PAPERS ALREADY!! THERE IS A LITTLE GIRL WAITING FOR ME!!!  Was pretty much how I felt most of the day, but you can't rush "the man."

So, that night Safia ended up staying in another home because our license number was not issued :( I don't think I slept know that there was a beautiful little girl out there in someone else's home and she was supposed to be in mine.  However, I knew that I would be a little better prepared and that we had the rest of our lives to be together.  Chris and I laid in bed a made a game plan, a list of things that we would need immediately and which stores we should go to get them.

Bright and early the next morning we were off, had to be there when the stores opened there wasn't much time, we didn't know when we were going to get "the call" to come and pick up our little angel.

I had been researching car seats as to which would be the best (only the best would do according to Chris), so I went to the store armed with my list of possibilities, we tried out strollers, changing pads, toys, sippy cups, blankets (gotta have some pink!), more decorations for her room we have a girl!  Pushing two and three carts full of stuff through the store only to come home dump some stuff and instruct Frank on what to put together, we had to get some shelves and stuff to hold the toys :) Then it was off for more.....Wait was that the phone?

Heather from the agency called, it was time!!!  Ok, but first we have to get the car seat in the car, um who knew that you had to have a PhD to install a car seat in the backseat of a car these days!!!  It took about an hour that first time.  For the record I can now do it in under 3 minutes thank you very much.

When we got to the house that Safia had spent the night and half of the day at she was taking a nap.  We went upstairs to get her out of bed, I held her and she put her head on my should and it was all over, my Ladybug was home.  We went downstairs and played with some stacking rings and a pop-up toy that made noise, after about thirty minutes we got in the car and headed out.

Our first stop was McDonald's, yes I know our first family meal and we went to McDonald's.  I just thought that it would be something familiar and her little life had been turned upside down.  Safi was an expert at using french fries as a means to get bar-b-que sauce to her mouth.

Then it was off to Target for more shopping.  We had to get some clothes and shoes, that was the one thing that I had not bought because I didn't know what size to buy.  So I headed off to the clothes department and Safi and Daddy made it to the toys and apparently Safi started talking and saying, "I want" because they ended up with more toys according to Daddy Safi told her that she needed these things :)

We had to stop off at the doctor's office for a quick check and then we were finally on our way home!!  I had been a long day.  After a scary bath, and lots of love and cuddling Safia just seemed to take a deep breath and relax.  She slept well in her new room and woke up to a wonderful new world.

The Ladybug is home, my Ladybug is home.

Thank you for my wonderful, beautiful gift Gran.

One Year Ago Today my Ladybug came home to me.

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