Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Ladybug Does High School Graduation

Today Uncle Frank and Aunt Mad graduated from Foster High School!!!!

Safi and I woke up bright and early and got on the road so we would make it in time for the 2:00pm graduation (I had gone to Wimberley's graduation the night before).  We got to Mimi's about noon time changed clothes and were back in the car headed to the Merill Center in Katy.  Stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour we finally made it just in time to see Uncle Frank get off the bus and wave at Aunt Mad who was still stuck on the bus! :)

Safi was great during the ceremony, she sat and entertained herself for the two hours with her phone or watching other people around her.  At one point we did have to get up to go to the bathroom (which was a pain since we were sitting in the middle of the row), but all was fine!!

Got a couple of pictures of Uncle Frank but a butthole stood up just as Aunt Mad was walking across the stage so I have nothing of her :(  hope he got some good ones of his kid.

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