Friday, May 20, 2011


Not sure if you have figured it out, the Ladybug LOVES animals :)  We have been to the Austin Zoo way too many times to count.  When we went to San Antonio we had to go to the zoo, she actually asked, "Zoo?"  So, Safi and I made a road trip up to Waco, I had heard that it was a really cool zoo and that the exhibits were great because the kids could see the animals easily.

The Cameron Park Zoo is pretty cool, too bad I think we picked the hottest most humid day of the year to go!! However, we got to see Buffie, Megan, and Andrew!!! Buffie was my neighbor in San Antonio, we both moved away about the same time only she moved to Seattle and I just moved down the road to Austin.  Both of us picked up a little extra baggage along the way (she already had a husband), a dog, and we each have beautiful girls!!!!  Andrew got new orders and is now at Fort Hood, she they are back in Texas and just down the road :)

We met up at the zoo and the girls seemed to have a good time despite the heat.  Safi loved the animals!!!!

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