Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Ladybug at The Houston Zoo with Uncle Frank and Mimi

First I have to commend Uncle Frank for going to the zoo with us today, he is a trooper.  Yesterday afternoon he graduated from high school, then he went to Pro-Grad last night and got home a little after six this morning.  He took about a two hour nap, got up and went to the zoo with his niece :)  Frank was not coax, begged, or bribed; he did it because he wanted to and he was awesome the whole time we were there :)

We got to the zoo about 10:30 and hit the ground running, saw the sea lions (from Uncle Frank's shoulders because that is the best seat!).  Then it was off to see some birds and look for the giraffes and the elephants, Safi had an agenda.

We found the giraffes and got up close and personal with them.  Safi fell in love with one of the babies and said, "I buy it!"  I tried to tell her no, Doodle wouldn't like it, she really didn't care.  We were able to settle on a stuffed giraffe from the gift shop that she hung on to for the rest of the day. 

The carousel ride that almost didn't happen, Safi started screaming when she and Uncle Frank first got on, but once they got going she was good with it!  Great, now we are going to have to stop at the one in the mall (ah, man!)

Watusi, gorillas, rhinos, zebras, ostrich, all kinds of animals, we had a great time but the Ladybug was getting hot so we headed to the reptile house to do a couple of laps in there.

Snakes and lizards are always a hit with the Ladybug!!  And the cool air is a hit with everyone :))

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