Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Ladybug and Benny

Safi has come to the point where she believes that sleeping is optional.  Unfortunately this doesn't happen only at naptime but it has been happening at bedtime also.  We have taken the rail off the side of her bed so she can sleep in a big girl bed.  This started out really well, Safi stayed in bed until we came and got her and it was as if the rail was still there. Not so much any more.

Now Safi won't stay in her bed.  Tuesday night I got her pack n play out and she fell asleep in that and then I transferred her to her bed.  Wednesday at naptime I thought that was the route that I was going to have to take, and ended up getting it out.  Put Safi in it, then she learned that she can climb out.  No nap Wednesday.

Wednesday night I ended up laying on the couch in her room (Safi was in her bed) until she fell asleep (only about 5 minutes because she was so exhausted).  Thursday naptime Safi was on the same trip of up and out of bed a zillion times, again I laid on the couch and she fell asleep.

I can give up naptime, I don't think that Safi is really ready to, the dark circles under her eyes tell me she isn't quite there yet.  I just don't want to be the person that has to lay there with my child so they will fall asleep.  My goal is to move further away each night til I'm not in her room.

So Wednesday, Brown left a package at the front door............

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