Sunday, February 20, 2011

Smurfs, Logs, and Lakes with the Ladybug

Today has been an interesting one.  It started when I got out of the shower to find that Safi had been coloring with one of the blue markers that her Aunt Lesley gave her for Christmas.  The problem was she wasn't coloring on the paper on her easel, she had colored on herself.

    "Safi, why did you color on yourself?"

Aunt Lesley's response was that Safi was excited about the new Smurf movie that is coming out!!

And for the record, washable blue marker doesn't come off as easily as the other colors, it leaves a slight purplish tint.              

So on with the rest of the day we went.  Safi and I went to HEB because we needed things like milk, eggs, and of course strawberries (her request).  If you notice the picture above she is wearing Jessie undies, this is our habit to wear undies in the mornings and afternoons when we are home but to put on a  Dora pull-up when we leave the house (just in case).  Safi insisted that she wear undies, I pee pee in potty and she did before we left and I took her to the restroom as soon as we got to HEB (she didn't go even though I tried to bribe her with 2 beans).  Long story short we made it all the way to naptime without an accident and Safi using the potty!!!

About 2:15 I'm sitting on the couch watching TV and Chris is in the bedroom reading and he has the monitor; Safi is taking a nap.  He comes in and says, "I don't think she is in her bed anymore." So, I go into her room and slowly open the door and sure enough, no she isn't.  Safi is standing in the middle of her room with no diaper on (she sleeps with a diaper) her stacking cups are in the middle of her rug, and there is "log" aka turd right inside her door.  She looks at me and says, "I poop, I pee pee."

Safi had taken her diaper off and pooped by the door, and from what we can conclude she peed in the stacking cups as well, there is no other explanation as to how they got wet.  The diaper was perfectly clean and sitting on the stool just inside the door.

I told her to go sit on the potty, so she did.  While waiting for further instructions she began "wiping" with the entire roll of toilet paper (it was about a half a roll).  Then Chris asked her to get off so he could clean her up and a bigger mess was made as she slid off and left a brown trail down the side of the toilet.                        

So, about 3:00 everything was cleaned up and I tried to lay her back down, 3:20 she was not having it naptime was done.  Time to put the Logs behind us :)

We headed down the road to Brushy Creek Lake Park.  This has been one of Safi and my favorites especially this past summer because they have a cool splash pad that is alot of fun on a hot day!!

Played on the playscape a bit, ran around the dry splash pad, and balanced on some rock walls, all before heading down to the lake.  Safi had fun stopping and picking up rocks and cool things along the way.  Her outfit didn't have any pockets but she was going to hold as much as she could in her hands.  She had fun throwing rocks and dirt in the water, it is all about the simple things.

Mimi gave Safi a Monkey book for Christmas.  We have read it countless times and now Safi has started reading parts of it too.  Tonight I finally recorded part of it, the video may not be the best, but it sure is cute :)

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