Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meandering Home with the Ladybug

After a couple of days in San Antonio it was time to come home.  We were all ready to get home, Safi was ready to see Doodle and Bell and Chris and I were just ready to be home.  So we packed our bags and headed out.

We stopped for some breakfast and then got on the road.  On the way to San Antonio we had stopped in San Marcos with the hopes of playing on the wooden playscape that I had taken the kids to when they were little, but it was being powerwashed :(  So, we stopped on the way back to Austin.

The Playscape at Children's Park was built in 1992 and is approaching its 20 year anniversary, I'm so glad that all of the kids have gotten a chance to play on it!  I can't wait to take Safi back to enjoy it even more :)

It was fun to get out and stretch our legs and enjoy the sunshine!!

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