Friday, February 11, 2011

The Ladybug Spreads Her Wings in San Antonio

Today Safi and I drove through San Antonio on our way to Pops and SueSue's house for the weekend.  We stopped at the San Antonio Childern's Museum.  Safi had a great time, she jumped out of the stroller and ran to the little troller and was pretending to drive, then she saw the balls and she was off to explore.

It was a maze of pneumatic tubes that the kids put balls in and the sent the balls to a collection bin that was on a timer.  When the timer went off the balls were dumped on the kids heads :)  Safi had a great time with it all, I'm not sure what was her favorite part playing with the balls or the kid sized HEB downstairs!!!!

Safi was soooo excited when we went downstairs and saw the HEB.  She knew exactly what to do, went and got a cart and went directly to the fruits and veggies and started loading up her basket.  Some of the other moms that it was so cute because she didn't get cookies and chips and stuff like that.  They asked me about it, and I just said that is what she eats, she doesn't eat the junk, it is the truth.

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