Friday, February 18, 2011

The Ladybug Grows Up

So some of you have listened to me and my excitement and frustrations of our potty training saga.  Well we seem to have found success, at times.  Safi is wearing undies at home and on short excursions out of the house and she is so proud of herself!!  She loves going and picking out her undies for the day every morning after she wakes up. 

I had purchased the first package of undies to try to encourage her so when it was time I let her pick out the next package.  It was pretty funny because she had to take each pair (all 7 of them) out of the package, unroll it and inspect it to make sure that the pair of undies was acceptable.  Lucky for us each one was, not quite sure what we would have done if it was not! :) 

So now we have Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Cars (Vroooooom), Jessie (Oy Story),  and _____ (Eve? from WALL-e).  I am the one having a hard time seeing the little itty bitty undies in the laundry. Is is sad to say that I don't think that I'm ready for this?  I mean, I'm glad that poopy diapers are behind us but.......

The second great milestone this week, I took the side off of the crib and we now have a little daybed.  It has little rails on the end to help keep her in the bed, but she is well on her way to a big girl bed!!!  She slept in it for the first time at naptime yesterday and it was as if it was no big deal to her.  Safi laid down and went right to sleep.  Now let me clarify that she had been to Little Gym in the morning and then played outside for another hour.  I was going to make sure that she was good and worn out! 

At bedtime, same thing not a peep, she slept twelve hours straight and didn't come out of her room this morning when she woke up.  When I went in to get her she was right by the door though. 

My baby girl is growing up. 

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