Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls, Animals, Trains, Gardens, and Ladybugs

Today was a busy day!!!

And Safi had her clock set to 7:30am as usual.  Yes, she has a new move, I don't know how but she gets up each and every morning at 7:30 sharp.  Chris keeps telling me not to worry that she will be an 8:30 child once again in a couple of weeks............spring forward time change!!! UGH :(

So, we got dressed and headed off to get some breakfast at Lulu's Bakery and Cafe.  It is home to the 3 pound cinnamon roll.  Chris had seen them featured on the show Man vs. Food and thought it would be interesting to try-out and funny to see Safi with a ginormous cinnamon roll.

After Lulu's we headed out to the San Antonio Zoo to see the animals.  Safi was excited usual about seeing the animals.  

We also rode the train.  Safi had fun, and Daddy and Safi had fun trying to scare Mommy!!!  This was the second train for her to ride this week.  We also rode the train in Zilker Park, hello little Miss Conductor.

The day didn't end there!  We kept going, just down the road we stopped at the Japanese Tea Gardens. I'm not sure where her energy comes from, she must have dug deep and pulled more out.  Safi was all over that place.  There are paths all over up and down, and this is not a place for a stroller so it was all Safi power and she did it.  Safi finally got tired toward the end but we only held her for a few minutes and then she was back down and running again.  Safi was definitely the little engine that could!!!

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