Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meandering Home with the Ladybug

After a couple of days in San Antonio it was time to come home.  We were all ready to get home, Safi was ready to see Doodle and Bell and Chris and I were just ready to be home.  So we packed our bags and headed out.

We stopped for some breakfast and then got on the road.  On the way to San Antonio we had stopped in San Marcos with the hopes of playing on the wooden playscape that I had taken the kids to when they were little, but it was being powerwashed :(  So, we stopped on the way back to Austin.

The Playscape at Children's Park was built in 1992 and is approaching its 20 year anniversary, I'm so glad that all of the kids have gotten a chance to play on it!  I can't wait to take Safi back to enjoy it even more :)

It was fun to get out and stretch our legs and enjoy the sunshine!!

The Witte Museum for a Wet Ladybug

This morning the weather didn't cooperate quite how we wanted it too.  It was misty and yuck :(, we headed off to get some breakfast and then headed to the Witte Museum and the HEB Science Treehouse.

I remember going to this museum when I was in elementary school, and needless to say it has changed dramatically in some ways, and not at all in others.  Safi loved the dinosaurs, "ROAR!" She also had fun in the Amazon exhibit.

She had fun trying to wrestle the anaconda :)

We had a full day of fun at the museum.  Safi got in the car and crashed out, we stopped for an early dinner on the way back to the hotel and Safi woke up as we were pulling into the parking lot of the hotel.  She slept in the booth while Chris and I ate, guess we had our own little date while Safi took a cat nap.

When we got back to the room we changed and headed down to the pool to do some swimming!!!  Safi was soooo excited.

On another note, Safi wore undies all day long without an accident again today.  I think that we have said good-bye to pull-ups, and moved on to undies full time!!!  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls, Animals, Trains, Gardens, and Ladybugs

Today was a busy day!!!

And Safi had her clock set to 7:30am as usual.  Yes, she has a new move, I don't know how but she gets up each and every morning at 7:30 sharp.  Chris keeps telling me not to worry that she will be an 8:30 child once again in a couple of weeks............spring forward time change!!! UGH :(

So, we got dressed and headed off to get some breakfast at Lulu's Bakery and Cafe.  It is home to the 3 pound cinnamon roll.  Chris had seen them featured on the show Man vs. Food and thought it would be interesting to try-out and funny to see Safi with a ginormous cinnamon roll.

After Lulu's we headed out to the San Antonio Zoo to see the animals.  Safi was excited usual about seeing the animals.  

We also rode the train.  Safi had fun, and Daddy and Safi had fun trying to scare Mommy!!!  This was the second train for her to ride this week.  We also rode the train in Zilker Park, hello little Miss Conductor.

The day didn't end there!  We kept going, just down the road we stopped at the Japanese Tea Gardens. I'm not sure where her energy comes from, she must have dug deep and pulled more out.  Safi was all over that place.  There are paths all over up and down, and this is not a place for a stroller so it was all Safi power and she did it.  Safi finally got tired toward the end but we only held her for a few minutes and then she was back down and running again.  Safi was definitely the little engine that could!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Ladybug's Jaunt to San Antonio

This afternoon after our last swim lesson we packed up the car and headed to San Antonio for a couple of days.  It was an impromptu get away, just something that Chris and I had been kicking around but made the decision to do last night at "date night."

I found a room at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort so we booked it and didn't have really any firm plans other than to have fun :)  I have stayed here many, many years ago with my other kids and we always had a blast, and with San Antonio being close it would be okay if the weather didn't workout for swimming.

We got to the hotel about 4:00, plenty of time to do some exploring!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Ladybug Zooms on the Zephyer

Today Safi and I went down to Zilker Park and played on the playscape and rode the train.

Safi insisted that she wear undies, we got down there and the bath houses are being redone so the only bathrooms were port-a-pottys.  I opened the lid and Safi's response was, "Not my poop Momma." That was all she wrote, Safi was not using that bathroom!  So, I put a pull-up on her and she tried to hold it.

We had fun playing and running around, watching the cranes working on cleaning out Barton Pool from the flood, and of course.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Smurfs, Logs, and Lakes with the Ladybug

Today has been an interesting one.  It started when I got out of the shower to find that Safi had been coloring with one of the blue markers that her Aunt Lesley gave her for Christmas.  The problem was she wasn't coloring on the paper on her easel, she had colored on herself.

    "Safi, why did you color on yourself?"

Aunt Lesley's response was that Safi was excited about the new Smurf movie that is coming out!!

And for the record, washable blue marker doesn't come off as easily as the other colors, it leaves a slight purplish tint.              

So on with the rest of the day we went.  Safi and I went to HEB because we needed things like milk, eggs, and of course strawberries (her request).  If you notice the picture above she is wearing Jessie undies, this is our habit to wear undies in the mornings and afternoons when we are home but to put on a  Dora pull-up when we leave the house (just in case).  Safi insisted that she wear undies, I pee pee in potty and she did before we left and I took her to the restroom as soon as we got to HEB (she didn't go even though I tried to bribe her with 2 beans).  Long story short we made it all the way to naptime without an accident and Safi using the potty!!!

About 2:15 I'm sitting on the couch watching TV and Chris is in the bedroom reading and he has the monitor; Safi is taking a nap.  He comes in and says, "I don't think she is in her bed anymore." So, I go into her room and slowly open the door and sure enough, no she isn't.  Safi is standing in the middle of her room with no diaper on (she sleeps with a diaper) her stacking cups are in the middle of her rug, and there is "log" aka turd right inside her door.  She looks at me and says, "I poop, I pee pee."

Safi had taken her diaper off and pooped by the door, and from what we can conclude she peed in the stacking cups as well, there is no other explanation as to how they got wet.  The diaper was perfectly clean and sitting on the stool just inside the door.

I told her to go sit on the potty, so she did.  While waiting for further instructions she began "wiping" with the entire roll of toilet paper (it was about a half a roll).  Then Chris asked her to get off so he could clean her up and a bigger mess was made as she slid off and left a brown trail down the side of the toilet.                        

So, about 3:00 everything was cleaned up and I tried to lay her back down, 3:20 she was not having it naptime was done.  Time to put the Logs behind us :)

We headed down the road to Brushy Creek Lake Park.  This has been one of Safi and my favorites especially this past summer because they have a cool splash pad that is alot of fun on a hot day!!

Played on the playscape a bit, ran around the dry splash pad, and balanced on some rock walls, all before heading down to the lake.  Safi had fun stopping and picking up rocks and cool things along the way.  Her outfit didn't have any pockets but she was going to hold as much as she could in her hands.  She had fun throwing rocks and dirt in the water, it is all about the simple things.

Mimi gave Safi a Monkey book for Christmas.  We have read it countless times and now Safi has started reading parts of it too.  Tonight I finally recorded part of it, the video may not be the best, but it sure is cute :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Ladybug Grows Up

So some of you have listened to me and my excitement and frustrations of our potty training saga.  Well we seem to have found success, at times.  Safi is wearing undies at home and on short excursions out of the house and she is so proud of herself!!  She loves going and picking out her undies for the day every morning after she wakes up. 

I had purchased the first package of undies to try to encourage her so when it was time I let her pick out the next package.  It was pretty funny because she had to take each pair (all 7 of them) out of the package, unroll it and inspect it to make sure that the pair of undies was acceptable.  Lucky for us each one was, not quite sure what we would have done if it was not! :) 

So now we have Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Cars (Vroooooom), Jessie (Oy Story),  and _____ (Eve? from WALL-e).  I am the one having a hard time seeing the little itty bitty undies in the laundry. Is is sad to say that I don't think that I'm ready for this?  I mean, I'm glad that poopy diapers are behind us but.......

The second great milestone this week, I took the side off of the crib and we now have a little daybed.  It has little rails on the end to help keep her in the bed, but she is well on her way to a big girl bed!!!  She slept in it for the first time at naptime yesterday and it was as if it was no big deal to her.  Safi laid down and went right to sleep.  Now let me clarify that she had been to Little Gym in the morning and then played outside for another hour.  I was going to make sure that she was good and worn out! 

At bedtime, same thing not a peep, she slept twelve hours straight and didn't come out of her room this morning when she woke up.  When I went in to get her she was right by the door though. 

My baby girl is growing up. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Ladybug Spreads Her Wings in San Antonio

Today Safi and I drove through San Antonio on our way to Pops and SueSue's house for the weekend.  We stopped at the San Antonio Childern's Museum.  Safi had a great time, she jumped out of the stroller and ran to the little troller and was pretending to drive, then she saw the balls and she was off to explore.

It was a maze of pneumatic tubes that the kids put balls in and the sent the balls to a collection bin that was on a timer.  When the timer went off the balls were dumped on the kids heads :)  Safi had a great time with it all, I'm not sure what was her favorite part playing with the balls or the kid sized HEB downstairs!!!!

Safi was soooo excited when we went downstairs and saw the HEB.  She knew exactly what to do, went and got a cart and went directly to the fruits and veggies and started loading up her basket.  Some of the other moms that it was so cute because she didn't get cookies and chips and stuff like that.  They asked me about it, and I just said that is what she eats, she doesn't eat the junk, it is the truth.