Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Ladybug, the Cousins, and Sea World San Diego

This morning Jeri, Kurt, Mady, and Marky drove down to San Diego for the day to go to Sea World with us.  Unfortunately the weather is not as beautiful as it was yesterday, but we will still had a good time!!!  One lesson was learned, bar-b-que should not be consumed at Sea World for the record, it has terrible results.

After a great day with family at Sea World we all went to Safi's favorite restaurant, where she and Mady slept through the entire meal.  They had a fun, full day and were exhausted.  So, we got Safi some egg drop to go and we had a picnic at the hotel, that girl loves her soup!!!

The sting rays where Safi wanted nothing to do with actually feeding the rays, but she really liked the dead fish that you were supposed to feed to the rays!! 



 Then there were the touch tanks with starfish and anenomes.  The girls and Chris had a blast, it was a mini science class and both of the girls were eager to learn.  However, the employee watching the tanks was not impressed when he kept taking the starfish out of the water, or when one of the girls threw a starfish :(

Cousin Marky, you are sooooo cute!!!  You too Uncle Kurt

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