Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Ladybug Becomes Official!

Today is the day!!  Safia Jane officially becomes a member of the C family!!  The process seems like it has taken forever, but six months ago today Safia walked into our lives and we haven't been the same since. 

This time last year we were still healing from the loss Gran and submitting our preliminary application for foster adopt.  Gran promised to find us a baby and send it our way.  After months of jumping through hoops and sitting in classes on June 7, 2010 Safia came into our lives.  We had to wait one extra night (I think it is safe to say, neither Chris or myself got much sleep that night).  About 3:00pm on June 8, it was love at first sight, I had my baby in my hands.

The last six months have been a whirlwind, but I wouldn't change any of it for the world.  We are a family.

I love you Safia Jane

After the fun at the court house then it was off to Safi's favorite restaurant, PF Chang's.

What shall I eat first?

Egg Drop Soup, my favorite!!!  Let's see how much I can eat!!
(she ended up eating 3 1/2 bowls, I promise I feed her)

When the restaurant found out what day it was, they sent over cake!

Safi was interested in the berries, not really the cake.  What she really wanted was the fortune cookies
Where is she putting all of this food?!

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