Monday, November 1, 2010

The Ladybug Does Halloween

Yesterday started out a little rough, but it was nothing that a nap couldn't take care of :)

After nap I got out the Halloween tattoos and although Safi was a little hesitant she quickly got into it and had tattoos up and down both arms!!  As Daddy says "Safi you really fit in here in Austin now!"  I of course ended up with a couple on my hands as well.

Once Daddy got home from work she was ready to go....."Ready, Ready?" Safi had her shoes and she was ready to go "Come On, Come On!"  This all started at 4:00 and we weren't planning on leaving til 6:00. 

We loaded up and headed over to the Anderson's house, we were going with Trick or Treating with friends!  Once we got to the house Safi spotted Damon's slide and swing set, she was set and I really think Safi would have been happy if we had stayed there the whole night!  Guess it is time to start looking into playscapes.

All the parents gathered up the kids for a picture before heading out, it was more like herding cats but it was worth a try.  With all the flashes it looked like a celebrity was in the neighborhood!!  After the pictures it was time to find the loot.  It took Safi a couple of houses but she quickly got the hang of it.  She was the cutest Ladybug on the block!!

After we made it around the block, Safi was done, she was delirous and barely standing so we headed home. Halloween was a success!!

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