Monday, November 29, 2010

The Ladybug and Cousins at Thanksgiving

This has been a wonderful week, although it went by way too fast!  Tuesday Kurt, Jeri, Mady, and Marky came in from California for Thanksgiving.  It has been almost two years since they have been to visit and so much has changed since.  A couple of new additions to the family, and this time the grass was still a bit green.

The girls had fun playing together and Marky was not thrilled that he couldn't be apart of it.  The roller coaster with a hit with both girls and just being outside in the beautiful weather was fun. 

The girls and Dads had fun at the Creative Playscape in Georgetown.  Of course the swings were a hit with Safi.

We had take-out from Chuy's (twice, because one can not have enough creamy jalapeno), visited the Creative Playscape in Georgetown, Chili's, Thanksgiving dinner/lunch, and more playing outside.  Oh and the adults had some friendly competition while playing Wii :)

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