Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spooky Ladybug

Halloween is almost here and Safi and I have had our fair share of fun!!  Today we went to the Halloween Party for our playgroup.  I was so worried that she wouldn't wear her costume (every time I have put it on her she has screamed bloody murder).  So this morning after swimming I dressed her in long black pants, black t-shirt (Thanks MiMi!!), hair in little pigtails and we headed out to the party.  Once we were there she stepped into her felt ladybug jumper and we were off to have some fun!!  On a side note I felt like a horrible mom because it was 90 degrees outside and I was dressing my child like it was going to snow!!

Helping her friend with the swing :)

Safi had fun and didn't want to leave, but once we were in the car she started, "Night, Night, Night, Night."  The girl knows when she has had enough.  I got her into some cooler clothes when we got home and she was out like a light! 

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