Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sand and Surf

This morning we had swim lessons at Nitro and Safi did an awesome job.  She is slowly becoming more trusting and floating on her back more and more.  But today we did her favorite thing.....bubbles!!  Safi loves to blow bubbles and she is good at it :)

This afternoon we played at the sand table in the backyard.  I put sand in her water/sand table since the weather has gotten a little cooler.  Safi is still doing a bit of experimenting with it and each day gets into it more and more :)

After fun in the backyard it was time to get clean! Safi also used this as another chance to lay on her back.  She has been practicing and has come a long way.  We have slowly gone from just sitting in the tub to her laying down in a dry tub to now she is laying down with her ears in the water.  YEA SAFIA!!!

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