Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Ladybug Hangs at the Garden

Today Safi and I went to Zilker Botanical Gardens.  I took the stroller out "just in case she got tired," well Safi decided that she was going to be LAZY and wanted to sit in it from the beginning. I was not going to push her up and down the hills, also it would defeat the purpose of taking her someplace to run around and see nature.  So, I took the stroller back to the car and we headed off just us and the camera. 

I had never been there, it is an interesting place with lots of different areas tucked in the trees. I of course took a zillion pictures trying to get that right one.  Safi wasn't too interested in me, she was having fun.  We found the Japanese garden that had a waterfall and a stream that meandered through the path.  Safi was amazed that you could just step over the stream and keep going.  She worked on her balancing as we walked from rock to rock through a little pond being careful not to get wet. 

Through the bamboo forest, she had to stop a take a break.  Oh and try to kiss a rock?  I don't know what she was thinking.  

Then a nice gentleman pointed us in the direction of the Koi pond.  Safi was intrigued by the HUGE Koi.  We saw turtles sunning themselves. 

Next we found the Prehistoric Garden........

It was getting to be the end of our time so Safi was being testy.  Plus, she was tired of looking at the water she wanted in!!

The waterfall that we saw next, and promptly went to wash our hands in (eye roll)

We were pretty much done after that, done meaning Safi was tired and wanted me to carry her.  So we stopped and took a few more breaks on the way back to the car.  Ohma called and Safi talked to her for a few minutes while she was walking on benches.  Then she tried to turn on the cute while she was hanging on the rails of the gazebo.

Home for some lunch and a good nap!

Well, Safi got the nap, I went to work putting up the greenhouse.  Two hours without a helper and I got quite a bit done.  Then my helper woke up and things started slowing down.  We got most of it up though!!  I will finish it tomorrow during nap and post a picture of the final product. 

It was a full day and tomorrow promises to be another full day.  Swim lessons in the morning then off to the big gym for play with Safi and sweating upstairs for mom.  We have lots to do in the afternoon also, we're having a birthday party on Friday evening and we must get ready. :)

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