Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Ladybug and the Gyant Join the Club

Today I took Safi and Chris on an adventure that I used to take "my kids" on every year.  And last weekend Denys told me that he still remembers those trips and that he had alot of fun doing it every year.  I know that he may be saying that just to make me feel good, but that is OK in my book :)

It was a beautiful day and Safi was eager to climb on the big orange dinosaurs that are in the parking lot.  We had to take the picture on top, I know we have a few of those floating around of the kids :)

Safi took her tour in the backpack while Mom and Dad made the trek on foot.  Safi also figured out this trip that she can throw her weight around in the backpack and throw Mom off balance!  Don't worry Ruthie, I never fell down!!

Since this was our second visit to heaven, I mean a cave, Daddy was in heaven.  Safi knew all the tricks, how to duck, not to touch, and of course, how to make your voice echo while everyone is quiet listening to the tour guide. 

There has been some rain recently but most of the water had receded within the cave, it was still pretty wet.  Lots of pools of crystal clear water, and plenty of cave kisses along the way. 

After the tour of the caverns we had to take a mini break, and the Ladybug needed to stretch her legs so we got a drink and played in the water at the base of a water wheel.  Then it was off to the Wild Animal Park!

They have gotten upscale since the last time I was here. They have a nice giraffe enclosure, and a petting zoo area, they only had goats but who can say no to baby goats? Oh and a grille, Chris made a few comments about that was what they did with all the "sleeping" animals.  We had lunch at Chuy's.

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