Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Busy Little Ladybug

It was a busy weekend, but it was fun.  Daddy was home this weekend, we missed him last weekend while he was in New York City.  Safi enjoyed the postcards that he sent, and of course all of the "surprises."  King Kong came back from the Empire State building, Lego magnets, and a Buzz Lightyear key chain from the Lego store,  and who doesn't need an I :heart: NY shirt? The best prize of all was though were the headphones from the plane!!  Safi was so excited to have Daddy home :)

I'm not having any fun!!!!
Yesterday I was on a mission to find a cool playscape in Georgetown that I had read about, so off we went.  The playscape is in San Gabriel Park so we packed up and headed in that direction.  When we got to the park there was a festival going on.  We never found the playscape but we had a lot of fun walking around, most of us anyway.  Safi was in a mood, so she sat in her stroller and ate cotton candy.  I want her life.

You can't make me smile :(

We headed home for nap, Pops and SueSue were coming over late this afternoon!!  After a good nap and a little calculus Safi was in a much better mood and ready to have some fun :)

Pops and SueSue brought Safi a little gift, a ladybug box with a necklace and little ladybug pendant.  She smiled so big and was so excited, we had to put it on immediately!  Safi had hugs and many Thank Yous for both Pops and SueSue. 

Safi took them outside to see her toys and sand table, and we all sat outside and enjoyed the evening.  Then it was off to dinner.  Safi managed to put away edamame, grape tomatoes, some grilled cheese, and of course a few french fries.  It must be topped off with a couple of bites of chocolate cake and ice cream!!  I have no idea where she puts it all sometimes!!!  Hugs and Kisses to Pops and SueSue and we are off to take baths and hit the hay.

Today we made another attempt at locating the playscape.  I looked at a different map had a better idea at where we were going, success!!! We found the Creative Playscape, when I saw it on the web it reminded me of the playscape in San Marcos that I used to take the kids to and they had a blast so I was sure that Safi would like this one as well.  Although it was a little warmer this morning than it was yesterday we still had lots of fun.  Swings, slides, and lots to crawl and climb on, we will be returning to this park :)


Rudy's for lunch.....Safi can put away the hottie sausage (I know this is shocking, since she is such a picky eater....NOT), a couple bites of corn and some of Daddy's banana pudding.  The funny part was after she finished the pudding she dug back in the tray and started eating brisket!!!  Our little meat eater :)

A parent is supposed to think that their child is the cutest, grandparents as well.  People may even tell you how cute she is when you are out in public.  The odd thing is when strangers give Safi things.  We were sitting enjoying lunch and a lady walked up to our table and gave Safi and disney princess book, odd.  Chris and I just laughed after she walked off.  I don't get it, but it is very kind.

After nap today Safi finally got to open the box that Daddy sent her from NYC.  A Disney Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii :)  She was very excited to open the box and see what was inside, the amusing part was watching Daddy and Safi try to play.  She is good at pushing the buttons, with her hands or her feet.  It didn't last long, they quickly gave up and started jousting again with Wii Sport Resort. 

We had a movie night and watched Bug's Life, ate popcorn (each with our own popcorn bowl), and goat cheese.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend :)

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