Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Spelunking Ladybug

 Today we went to InnerSpace Caverns in Georgetown (more like a 10 minute drive up the road).  Chris had been here before he went searching for girls in Texas (and found quite a few).  Safi rode on my back in the backpack (since Daddy is WAY TOO TALL, especially in the cave).  We rode a little trolly down into the cave and then we were off on our adventure. 

 Safi seemed to enjoy herself and ooooh and aaaaah at all the right places.  She was so cute when we had to duck, I bent my knees and leaned forward and bit and she would lean forward and put her chin on the top of my head.

With all the rain that we have had lately the cave was wet and you could hear the water moving.  I hope that soon we will be able to go to Natural Bridge Caverns in Schertz soon as well.  I think that both Safi and Chris will like that cave as well. 

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