Saturday, August 21, 2010

Little Social Butterfly

Last night we went to dinner at The Kona Grill. Dinner wasn't until 7:30 (bedtime) and Safi's afternoon nap had only lasted about an hour so I knew things would be interesting.

Of course, Safi proved me wrong. She was an angel, eating edamame, chicken, cooked carrots, and a few mashed potatoes. Safi drew in her note pad, which she had stored in her purse, played with her pink gecko and just people watched.

As the night drew on I coukd see her fading so I took out my phone and she watched Sid The Science with her head in her hands. Safi was adorable looking and catching every bodies attention.

The topper was when we got up to leave and Safi had to walk around the table (there were about 10 people there) and do knuckles with everyone. When she was finished with our table she was ready to make the rounds of the restaurant. It was 10:00pm, waaaaay past bedtime.

Today we met Lesley at PF Changs for lunch and again Safi was a little angel. Crab wontons, crispy green beans and garlic noodles. She picked at the cashew and almond chicken and Mongolian beef.

The great part was when daddy picked her up out of the high chair and her sandal went flying across the restaurant, what a mess we were great entertainment for the tables around us :)

Safi is growing so fast. She is more confident with stairs and her gait is so much more steady. Safia can follow directions (when she wants to) and likes to be independent. Her hair is growing out and so she has been wearing bows. She points to her head and says, "More, More". Safia likes to have her hair done and when we are finished she looks in the mirror and says, "Cute!". Such a little ham!!!

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