Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Ladybug Turns into a Fish!

This weekend we went to Pops and Sue-Sue's house and stayed at the cabin for Labor Day.  I don't know where all of her energy came from!!!  Safi was up til 10:00pm Friday night and up bright and early Saturday morning 7:30am ready to start the day.  Saturday morning we played on the swingset, walked around the Casa Bontia complex, ate some coffee cake and then we woke up Daddy so that all of us could go swimming in the pool.   We tried the river, but it was still too cold after all the rain that had happened earlier in the week so we headed off to the pool. 

Pops showed up to see his "hot-shot."  We all had some lunch and Safi laid down for a nap.  Plans were made for us to go swimming at Pops and Sue-Sue's after nap.

So, Safi has had some hesitation about using her swim sweater (it has a tube in it to keep her afloat).  However, she doesn't like being in her giant baby tube either.  We get to the pool at Dad's I put the swim sweater on her and we get in the pool, she is a little clingy at first but within 10 minutes Safi is swimming around the pool by herself.  There is a slide going into the pool as well.  We started off with me holding her and going down the slide, and holding her up so that she didn't go underwater.  Safi loved it!!! "More, More!" and would take off for the stairs to get out of the pool.

After doing that for about 20 times, I told Chris to let her go down by herself.  Safi didn't want to have anything to do with this, but with a little "help" the first time and me at the bottom to catch her, she came up "Slide, again!"

Almost two hours later we drug her out of the pool to go to dinner.  I am not sure how she stayed awake through dinner after all of that swimming and sliding.

The next morning we got up and did it all over again before leaving to come back home.  Our little Ladybug has turned into a fish!!

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