Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bow Head

Last night I made a couple more bows for Safia after she went to bed.  So this morning I showed her the bows and immediately her hair had to be done (insert eye roll here). 

After watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and each of us drinking our "juice" (mine coffee, Safi's yogurt and juice).  We went to Safi's bedroom to put some clothes on, she started saying "potty" and taking all of her clothes off.  So to the potty we went, where she sat and danced to her Abby Cadaby book and jabbered on.  I went in to the kitchen to put something away and turned around, there was Safia!  "Get to the potty!" She smiled and said no and ran back to the bathroom with me following.  Safi had gone potty and she wanted to show me :)  After hugs and kisses and 2 beans (jellybeans), she dumped her product in the big potty and flushed it away all with a huge smile.

Time to go outside to play!  Now that she is a big girl Safi doesn't want to wear the top to her swimsuit, so we went with just her Dora bottoms today, and no diaper.  Of course Safi had her bow in, we must look cute and the only way to do that is to have your hair done, I think she must be channeling Gran!
After nap and chocolate, because every girl loves chocolate (mouse that is), it was time to go back outside for more fun! Only this time Daddy would be joining us and finger painting is on the agenda.  We have a pretty cool set up, I put paper on the fence at Safi height and a plate full of paint on the one of the chairs and she goes to town.  However, when Daddy is involved things can get a little out of hand at times......

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