Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Safia Enters Our World

Yesterday we received a phone call asking if we would be interested in a 23 month old little girl. Caroline was finally able to get out that it would be a short term foster (2 weeks) that could turn into more.  The little girl was in the office and they would like to place her with Chris (Daddy) and I, but first the agency had to obtain our license number from CPS.

I waited all day long for the call to come that the number had assigned and we could pick up our beautiful little girl.  However, at 4:00pm the call was to say that there was no number yet and that she would be staying with another family for the night.  The goal being that as soon as our license number was obtained we could pick her up :)

So last night Chris and I lay in bed making a game plan of what stores we would hit and in what order.  Our plan had to be tight because we didn't know how much time we had and there was soooo much to do.  What had I been doing all of these months?  I had a bed and some sheets, that was about it.  We needed a car seat, stroller, girl toys, sippy cups, diapers, wipes, you name it we did not have it!!!

I don't think either one of us slept that night, and I think that Frank was a tad bit excited as well.  He was staying with us also and was going to be an Uncle!!!  This morning we hit the road early and set out to Babies R Us and Target.  We filled up the truck and then had to go home to unload and let Frank start putting stuff together, shelves, hampers, hang pictures on the wall, and start washing blankets and towels.  My nesting period lasted a morning!!!

Heather called at 12:30 and wanted us to come pick up Safia in south Austin at 1:30.  Chris fought with the car seat trying to get it all put together correctly and put in the car securely.  His precious cargo must be safe.  We pulled out of the driveway around 1:10 pm (not enough time to get to our destination).  Little did I know it would be a sign of things to come (always seeming to run a little behind).

We finally arrived, went over some paperwork and then we went upstairs and woke Safia up from her nap.  She was all curled up in her little Ladybug style (on her belly with her feet tucked up under her).  Safi was a little shy in the beginning but starting warming up to Mommy (me).  We left and headed to McDonalds were Safi taught us how to drink bar b que sauce, use a french fry as a serving tool for the sauce, and show us just how adorable she is.

Target was the next destination, now that we knew how big she was for a fact we could buy some clothes.  Safia is a shopper and she has Daddy wrapped around her little finger, she pointed and he put it in the basket, our third basket from Target for the day!!! 

The new family jumped in the car and headed for the doctor's office so that we could get the all is good seal of approval, then it was time to head home. We finally made it home around 7:00pm that night. 

Safia just seemed to take a sigh of relief when she walked in the door, Safi slept through the night and just fit in.  Our daughter is home.

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