Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Quiet Day at Home

I think Safia has a clock in her that goes off at 2:00am. 2 hours up in the middle of the night.  

Today we stayed at home and played, cleaned, and just hung out.  Safia help me dust, Chris and Safia played with the sit n spin, building blocks, and stacking rings.

After nap we played outside in the little pool, splashed the dogs, blew bubbles, and played in the fountain.  They were having a great time, I picked veggies and herbs from the garden to use in the spaghetti for dinner.

Walks after dinner have become routine and about 7:30 each evening both of the dogs and Safia start looking for shoes and leashes.  Our walks usually last about 25-30 minutes. Tonight I think we only made it about 10 minutes before Safia started her "off in a distance" stare so we headed home.

Bath, a book, and off to bed :). A wonderful day of play!

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