Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Birthday Party

Last night we were up at 2:00am and were wide awake till about 4:00am.  Safia slept in till 9:00. We had yogurt, granola, and raspberries for breakfast.  Then it was playtime :)

We had a birthday party to go to this afternoon and Safia got along well with the other kids.  A lot of our friends have kids her age so she had plenty of new friends her own age to play with.  After the party it was naptime and Safia was tuckered out :). Safia took a 3 hour nap and could have slept longer, but it was 5:15 and I wanted her to be able to sleep tonight.  

After snack we played in the backyard with the dogs.  Chris used sidewalk chalk and drew on the porch with Safia, and they blew bubbles.  Together they cooled off by splashing around in the fountain.  

After a yummy dinner, bath time, which has been going better, no tears and we sat down tonight :). Plenty of splashing and playing.

A book, and it is time for bed.  Safia is a squirmy worm when we first sit down but she settles in and about the middle of the book she is totally into it.  She loves to sit and look at books and she is very gentle with them.

Usually there is no fussing, very little sound coming from Safia when it is time to go to sleep.  If there is anything it is her singing.  

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