Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Did Safia sleep through the night? YES!!!!!!

Slow morning just hanging out, playing with the dogs and toys.

We ran to Target to get Father's day cards to mail off and some other things, then home for lunch and nap.

Safia and I went to the pool this afternoon and she loved it. She was a little hesitant arou d the water feature (giant mushroom with water coming over the top) but I'm sure that at that size and age I would be too :). So we stuck to just playing with some toys and swimming around the rest of the pool in a toob.

We came home and played some more in the backyard, had to try out the new addition to the patio, and it meets Safia's approval. Checked on the garden and sniffed some of the flowers that are beginning to bloom. Of course, we also blew bubbles.

It was grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches with carrots for dinner. She loved it, but then again she has eaten everything we have put in front of her.

Bath,book,and bed......it was another good day

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