Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back Porch Fun

Low key day at home. Safia helped me in the garden with the flowers. She also played in the fountain, with the water table, chalk, lawn mower (toy), and the balls. Lunch time and then we spent a little more time with my dad and step mom.

After nap it was back outside (hard to keep her Inside). With her fair skin we are sure to put plenty of sunscreen on so Safia doesn't burn. Safia and I played outside and Chris went to puck up food from Chuy's for dinner.

Safia likes chips and salsa, and creamy jalapeƱo! She has not turned away food yet, except of course the canned fruit. After dinner we couldn't get back outside fast enough.

For desert Safia had a frozen fruit bar outside, she ate that like a pro, and she ate the whole thing! Chris and I were eating some fresh watermelon, she wanted that also. We finally had to cut her off. I felt bad, but I thought she was going to pop :(. Safia sure loves watermelon.


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